Little League Registration

How Many Kid(s) Are You Signing Up For Baseball/Softball (2nd-8th Grade)?

How Many Kids Are You Signing Up for T-Ball? Age 4-1st Grade)

Baseball / Softball Player 1

Baseball / Softball Player 2

Baseball / Softball Player 3

Baseball / Softball Player 4

T-Ball Player 1

T-Ball Player 2

T-Ball Player 3

T-Ball Player 4





Parent/Guardian Information


I , the undersigned parent/guardian of the child on this form, give permission for my child to play New Athens Little League and will not hold the Little League, its managers, or its officers responsible for any injury that may occur during practice or a game, beyond the limits of the insurance. I further agree to return all property of the New Athens Little League at season end. No refunds will be given without a medical excuse from the doctor.